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Paterson Grading Training

Learn the easier and more efficient way of grading a Job using Paterson
Paterson Grading Training
Paterson Grading Training
About Paterson Grading Training:
In his 1972 book about Job Evaluation, Thomas Paterson explains that understanding and grading any job is about practicality and questioning. The Paterson Job Grading system has been around since the late 60's and has undergone many changes to modernise for our current working world. This 1 day programme will help individuals understand what is required to effectively grade jobs using the Paterson Job Grading methodology.
At a Glance
Certification: Tremendis Paterson Grading Certification Location: Gauteng, National Duration: 1 Day (7 Hours) Training Objectives: PART 1: Decision Band Method Overview
  • Learn the history and background of the Paterson Grading system
  • Learn the definition of a DBM (Decision Band Method)
  • Identify the three DBM Steps
  • Understand the Decision Band Methodology
  • Explore the Decision Band Process
    1. Step 1: Banding
      • Define and explain the six Paterson Bands
    2. Step 2: Understanding Grading
      • Define responsibility and freedom to act
      • Understand structural and sapiential authority
    3. Step 3: Principles of Sub-Grading
      • Explore the process of sub-grading
      • List sub-grading criteria
PART 2: A Guide to completing the Position Analysis Questionnaire
  • Learn a step by step guide to complete a PAQ
  • Explore practical examples of a PAQ
Training Information: Click to view Paterson Grading Training Training Information
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