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Online Paterson Job Grading System

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An online self-grading system for HR, Remuneration and Grading Specialists
Online Paterson Job Grading System
Online Paterson Job Grading System
About Online Paterson Job Grading System:
Job grading using the Paterson methodology has been optimised for online grading. The original Paterson Job Grading method is inherently complex and timeous to successfully grade jobs. Paterson originally used a comprehensive question methodology to rate each duty of each specific KPI/KPA of a job and then present findings to a committee for results. Tremendis Learning simplified this process by creating an online, legally defensible, and accurate grading questionnaire that asks 15 questions around job responsibility, consequence of judgement, freedom of choice etc, to produce a final grade. The online assessment provides the appropriate BAND (A - F) as well as the appropriate sub-grade (1 - 5).

Note that this assessment is not for sale to individuals wishing to grade their own jobs. Job grading is a process that is conducted with a grading committee and one of the rules of job grading is that the job incumbent is not present when the job is graded. Usually a job expert (like direct superior or manager), and a job description will be used instead.
At a Glance
Target Group: HR specialists, Managers and each person wishing to grade respective jobs of the organisation. Total Questions: 15 Location: National (Head Office - Gauteng) Objectives Assessed: Decision Making
Technical / Professional Knowledge
Stress Tolerance
Delegating Responsibility
Aligning Performance for Success
Information Monitoring
Managing Work (includes Time Management)
Work Standards
Planning and Organizing
Quality Orientation
Assessment Nature: Online (Paper-Based Optional) Location: Assessments can be done on-site or at our premises depending on level of moderation required.
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